ethical and sustainable slow fashion

handmade in zurich


It’s high time we choose the path we want to follow in life. Do we want to live more sustainably? Do we want to make more conscious decisions about our life? Do we need to make changes? Are we satisfied with how we are living or would we like to improve ourselves?
This collection is inspired by nature, by questioning our actions and finding our path.

the himalaja dress

Made out of lyocell


We want to be transparent and share our process with you so that you can feel what it is actually like to make our pieces.

When you get an understanding of the love and dedication that goes into each piece we create, it will make our beautiful babes even more treasured.

the baker long sleeve

Made out of lyocell and fair wool


She is a wild one. With a gentle soul. Who sways to her own rhythm and dresses for herself.

Intimates made by beautiful babes for beautiful babes (that’s you honey!) Nette Rose was created by Meg during her first year of fashion studies. Each piece is carefully handmade in cape town. The Lace design and produce is done in limited numbers and they choose to rather sell out than have wasted fabric. We have a small but beautiful selection, brought to us by troo, in our store and online.

the araroa overall

Available in olive, navy and black


We sew all our pieces in ALL sizes. However, as our capacity is small, there are only a few pieces available in our online shop and store. Please let us know if you can’t find your size and we will love to sew a fitting piece for you. Get in touch.


We want to value clothes more. We offer alterations, tailoring and upcycing in our studio. Visit us spontaneously or make an appointment. We can chat about what you would like changed in your favourite pieces. See you soon!


…LOVE lunchbreaks in the sun – listening to audio books – food – fun – coffee – dancing to good music – sustainable brands – woman power – spring and summer – people who care – natural and organic fabrics – pure colors


Get in touch! We would love to meet you in our little store at Kreuzbühlstrasse 8 – 8008 in Zürich and tell you more about us. You can also find us online at troo.ch or in store Zämä at Lagerstrasse 34 – 8004 in Zürich.