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winter 2020





Highlight 2020

One great highlight of “Shades of Sand” is our new undyed organic cotton. We love the fact, that every grower owns the land they farm. No intermediaries or exploitation. 150 farmers and their families are just as much a part of the project as we and our supplier are. They always obtain the cotton in unginned bales; in other words, the farmers keep all the seeds for replanting or for feeding the animals.

They only use rainwater and provide eco-friendly agriculture that is respectful for human and animal biodiversity (they do not use insecticides). 

What we love the most, is that they only use the cotton in the natural color of the Earth.
Therefore a completely pure and biodegradable fabric.

Clean and cozy cuts, small details combined with soft and pure colors. Our collection is made for the independent, open hearted and confident woman who likes to dance in the sun, work for her dreams and lives a conscious life. It’s made for the woman who likes to stand out of the masses and wears our pieces in her personal style.

We want to offer you simple, long lasting and timeless designs, high quality and comfort for every occasion.


Handmade in Zurich
Just like our last collection, we sew most of the pieces by hand and with a lot of love in our studio in Zurich. We’re now three busy bees and have a great new studio with lot of space for new challanges. Sewing a piece of clothing is a very complex and time consuming work. Each step is made manually. From cutting the fabrics, pinning patterns, sewing seams and hand sewing ivory buttons or label tags.

For the first time, we collaborate with a great factory (the same which supplies us with the great fabric mentioned above) which produce two new basics for us. They will be launched soon, but we still need some time (-:

On top of the amazing features mentioned above, we’re happy to announce that our new collection can be pre-ordered from 10th of September until 11th of October 2020, this enables us to calculate and plan our orders better. Find out more about pre-orders here.


Our lovely Scruchies are back in stock! They are handmade and out of 100% Silk. 


We sew all our pieces in ALL sizes. However, as our capacity is small, there are only a few pieces available in our online shop and store. Please let us know if you can’t find your size and we will love to sew a fitting piece for you. Get in touch.


We want to value clothes more. We offer alterations, tailoring and upcycing in our studio. Visit us spontaneously or make an appointment. We can chat about what you would like changed in your favourite pieces. See you soon!


…LOVE lunchbreaks in the sun – listening to audio books – food – fun – coffee – dancing to good music – sustainable brands – woman power – spring and summer – people who care – natural and organic fabrics – pure colors


Get in touch! We would love to meet you in our little store at Kreuzbühlstrasse 8 – 8008 in Zürich and tell you more about us. You can also find us online at troo.ch or in store Zämä at Lagerstrasse 34 – 8004 in Zürich.