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Bulibasha is Inspired by the Moroccan art of weaving in combination with their own flair. They created a delicate shoe design that combines comfort and primarily natural materials to make Bulibasha’s footwear. The vamp of the sandals is made of coconut and palm leaves, that are harvested and treated in the most environmentally friendly ways through the support of Indonesian local communities and small businesses. Bringing you a gentle touch of nature on your feet!

  • Material vamp:  Tropical palm and coconut leaf threads
  • Material soles: Leather – small home industry in Java
  • Handwoven by empowered local communities in Bali
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About the production:

Our footwear is entirely handmade and weaving the sandal vamps can take up to two days to make. Despite the prevalent craft art in Bali and their familiarity in natural weaving materials, none were introduced to Bulibasha’s particular hand weaving techniques yet.

Soon after teaching one household these new weaving skills, an entire neighborhood street started working together to deliver exceptional work and create a signature style of Bulibasha sandals. All our artisans work from home and in their own time frame to allow them to tend to their household and care for their children.

What also makes Bulibasha different is the fact that they don’t find people who are already skilled artisans, but rather choosing to teach new skillsets to people living in rural areas, allowing them to discover a new purpose and an alternative income to be able to support themselves. We believe that we are all masters of something, it just takes practice and goodwill to stand out as an entirely reinvented person.

It is customary in the world that high education and young people are valued, but so often we forget about the majority of people who are now older and have missed out on the opportunity to continue their education. This is what they aim to change. Because they truly believe that having a skill is a new power movement for people of all ages!

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