what we love

lunchbreaks in the sun – listening to audio books – food – fun – coffee – dancing to good music – sustainable brands – woman power – spring and summer – people


We want to offer you the most beautiful clothes in a sustainable way. Since there are more and more fabric manufactures which produce ecological fabrics it’s possible to design innovative and modern clothes in an ethical way. We purchase most of our fabric from Lebenskleidung which is a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified textile agency specializing in the distribution of certified fabrics. The fabric not only looks and feels dreamy, it is also produced fairly and sustainably - from the cotton field through to the dyeing process and then sent to us. In order to have control over the whole supply chain and to use as little CO2 as possible, we make all our clothes by hand in our studio in zurich. You can find our whole working process here. It’s important for us to provide you the best quality in a sustainable way.


We want to value clothes more. We offer alterations, tailoring and upcycing in our studio. Visit us spontaneously or make an appointment. We can chat about what you would like changed in your favourite pieces. We have a pricelist to get a feeling how much it’s going to cost. If you have a beautiful idea or design we can bring your idea to life and sew you a tailor-made piece.


We want to be transparent and share our process with you so that you can feel what it is actually like to make our pieces.. When you get an understanding of thelove and dedication that goes into each piece we create , it will make our beautiful babes even moretreasured.. We’re not launching multiple seasonal collections every year, we want to create clothing lines which are classic and can be worn and loved forever. If you have questions about our company or the manufacturing process we will gladly answer them. Write us an email info@morenaisabel or come by for a coffee in our studio in Zurich



Morena Isabel Rüfenacht is the creative head behind the brand. She was born and raised in Zurich. Already at a young age she knew what she would like to do as a job, which became a passion during her apprenticeship as a tailoress. Fair manufactured clothes were always very important to her. While studying Fashion Design in Zurich she learned a lot more about sustainability and creating an ecological brand was her dream.

With alot of hard work and some good luck (because we always need a bit of luck on our side) she rented a studio right in the center of Zurich. All the creative work is now done in the studio and upfront is a cute little boutique to see all her creations. Morena is now 23 years old and loves her vocation.