All our collections are designed, prototyped and sewn in our little stuido in zurich.
What does that mean?


Have you ever drawn a pattern? It is really complex and as we don't have an easy program for creating patterns by computer and printing them out right away in real size, we also create them by using our trusted paper and pen. Most fascinating is how a pattern which is 2D can be sewn to a cloth which is 3D. Have you ever thought about this fact?


We find our inspiration, while traveling, walking through our beautiful nature or touching new fabrics. This process is one of the most beautiful steps in creating a new collection. By taking pictures, or getting ispired by beautiful art pieces we create a mood and lifestyle which we want to transfer into our collections. We do our designs the «oldschool » way, using paper and pen, and then we create new silhouettes which we combine with our favourite vintage designs.


Oh what a lovely part! We mostly source our beautiful fabrics from Lebenskleindung. They are a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified textile agency specialized in the distribution of certified fabrics. Each piece of fabric we use for our collections are sustainable. We love using linen and organic cotton fabrics, as they have tons of different colors and fabric types, so we always find someting perfectly suitable.


Each piece is cut out by hand and pined together for sewing. Sewing is a very calm and concentracted step. We love to listen to audio books while working. Whensewing, time seems to run by very quickly and with every stitch you get closer and closer to the end product. We use industrial sewing machines and an industrial iron. This however does not mean that is sews by it self ;-). Each step is carefully managed and takes time. We love sewing by hand, doesn’t matter if it’s a button, a invisible hem or a buttonhole. Handcrafting our babes makes us happy.


All our price tags are handmade in our little studio. We use leftover fabrics and stamps where we enter the fabric composition and washing guide by hand. You can buy our collections prêt-à-porter in our store at Kreuzbühlstrasse 8 in zurich. We also offer customfit pieces if you need some adjustments for the perfect fit. We market our collections online via social media and our online shop.


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